The legend of the grave of the wolf.

In a description, Jean d´Ardenne mentioned the grave of the wolf. The walk which leads to this monument very well hidden in nature is a magnificent route in the forest of Custinne.

It’s said that on February 15 in 1855, it was in the woods of Custinne at the place marked with a commemorative stone, that King Leopold I killed a huge wolf which, it seems, would have been the last wolf of the region.

King Leopold I was an excellent hunter: his hunting record was impressive.  To protect the deer in the area, he mercilessly hunted the fox, claiming more than two thousand eight hundred victims between 1836 and 1855.

He declared: “I only kill hares and deer where they cause too much damage, but I passionately hunt wolves, foxes and other such animals”.

Here is the inscription engraved in the stone: “On February 15 in 1845, H.M. Leopold I King of the Belgians was hunting in on land of Custinne and shot a huge wolf in this place”.