Celles, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia


Romanesque church


Former collegiate church built in the 11th century by the

disciples of St-Hadelin (617-690).

Mosan style, crypts from the 7th and 12th century,

station of the Cross, stalls from the 13th century.

Information :

«Tourism and Culture

of Celles»

Mr Jacques LEBRUN


Rue St-Hadelin, 12 

5561 Celles


Hermitage St-Hadelin

After the departure of the monks in 1888, the hill towering above the church was occupied by hermits, whose task was protecting the different places where St-Hadelin used to live.

  At the end of the 18th century, the  Counts de Liedekerke-Beaufort did built a convent in order to accomodate a community of nuns that ceased to exist in 1973. The building was bought by the town, and now serves as a primary school. 

The  chapel and basements have been converted into a tourist reception center.

Station of the Cross

Panther Tank

Beer St-Hadelin

From the village, behind the church, this beautiful station of the Cross leads to the Hermitage of Celles where St Hadelin used to live.

An interesting sight at the village crossroads  is the Panther Tank dating from the second World War, situated on the outskirts of the village towards Dinant.

This is the place where  on  december 24th in 1944, while the Battle of the Bulge raged,  the second German Panzer division was stopped on their way to the Meuse by the American second Armored Division and the 3rd Regiment of British tanks.

A 6 km long educational tour of the Battle of the Bulge is available.

Come and taste our  local specialties:

the St  Hadelin beer (blond and amber),  the "Chausson Cellois" (puff pastry and rabbit meat), the "Ermite" cheese...

More information :

Jacques Lebrun


Agenda 2018:

4 february:

Holy Hadelin's Day

1 may:

Adeps signposted walks

21 july:

26st car boot sale and crafts market

7 till 9 september:

Annual fair

21 october:

Saint Hubert's Day

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