Trout fishing opens on the 3rd Saturday in March.
General opening on the 1st Saturday in June.

The Walloon Region’s fishing permit is necessary, available at the post offices in the Walloon Region. It’s personal and valid for the current calendar year.

Licence A: price: 12,39€. It allows you to fish only from the water’s edge with 2 hand lines max and it also authorizes the use of the landing net.
Licence B: price: 37,18€. It allows you to fish other than at the water’s edge (boat, pire,…) with 2 lines max and it authorizes the use of material other than the hand line.

On sale at the Tourist Office:
* Communal fishing: 2 places: “Cul de l’Hileau” in Houyet and “Les Grands Prés” in Gendron-station.
Price: 7,50 €/ per/ territory for residents in the municipality, double price for non-residents.
* Royal Donation: Houyet and Villers-sur-Lesse, daily 7€, year 70€
Map of each area available.

More information

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