Welcome to the “Descent of the Lesse” Trail

Kayaking or running? We owe the name of this mythical descent of the Lesse to the creators of this aquatic adventure which has been and still is a source of happiness for many generations of runners.

The many remarkable spots such as the railway station of the Castle d’Ardenne, the caves of Furfooz, the needle rocks of Chaleux, the Castle of Walzin and the Bayard rock, inspired the members of the ARCH club to map out a beautiful nature trail. The very first edition of the trail took place in 1981.

It was such a great success that the members decided to adapt the trail for the 1982 edition… The new trail avoided the narrow passages along the first leg of the course, while exiting the valley along the notorious Clinchamps path with its steep uphill climb.

Furthermore, the temporary footbridge in Walzin that was built every year by municipal workers had been destroyed twice by the raging river. For some years, with the owners’ permission, the trail skirted along Walzin Castle. The project for a permanent structure came to fruition under the mandate of a minister, himself an avid runner. After which, the Descent of the Lesse trail reverted to its original course.

This beautiful section of the long-distance footpath became so popular among hikers and runners alike that the local authorities and the club decided to turn into a permanent trail by marking it.

We thank the Walloon General Commission for Tourism for lending us their support and helping us create a permanently waymarked trail to guide runners and hikers during their trek.

We hope you enjoy discovering the beautiful nature all around you, as well as the iconic river Lesse and the many heritage and remarkable sites dotted along the trail…Please help us protect them by respecting the fauna and flora!