Go for a dive in Houyet

Swimming is always refreshing! Now you can also do it in Houyet and Pont-à-Lesse. Those 2 areas were previously closed because they didn’t meet the standards regarding bacteria. However, they were reopened to the public 4 years ago. 

Julie Choutt from “contrat de rivière Lesse” stipulates: “We were very happy to discover that the tests provided by the Wallonia region came back with good results. Yesterday, they reopened for all the summer. At least we hope so because if the testing during the balneary season turns out to be problematic, the areas will be closed again. We cross our fingers that this doesn’t happen”. 

Several aspects come into play in order to guarantee a good water quality: “In Celles there is a wastewater treatment plant brought into action. It enables the wastewater from that village to be cleaned before getting back into the Lesse. Also, cattle as no longer access to streams. The DNF – department nature et forêt- was informed as well as cattle owners so that they could put up fences. Restricting the cattle’s access reduces the feces rate in the water”

It’s important to know that when there is a thunderstorm, the wastewater treatment plant can overflow. When it rains, the rainwater mixes with the wastewater.

Maps of the allowed swimming areas here

The website of “Contrat de Rivière Lesse”