One of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia.

Nestled in a valley carved into the Condroz Plateau, Celles was founded by a monk in 669, soon to be Saint Hadelin.

Follow the steps of pilgrims: the Saint-Hadelin hermitage is reached by a footpath lined with crosses, offering views on the village and the Romanesque Church. The church and the ancient limestone habitat are bundled and the valleys bed, calm public spaces coffer an sense of charm and friendliness to the village. Take time to discover the original decorative elements: the old gates, anchors and metal clasps, locks, shrines, door knockers…

At the village entrance, the German tank “Panther ” recalls the advance of the German Army during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II. Two miles away, the feudal castle of Vêves-Celles proudly guards the region and is definitely a visit worth. Any appetite? How about enjoying the local specials: a hot “chausson cellelois” together … a cuvée St. Hadelin …!

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Jacques Lebrun

Rue Saint-Hadelin, 12
 5561 Celles