The chapel our Lady of Grace is surrounded by the cemetery. It is the vestige of the primitive Church of Hour, a church with three naves. The construction date is unknown. It is on the site of the choir that the current chapel is erected. It was around 1553 that the church was destroyed by the troops of Henry II allied to the German Protestants against the troops of Charles V.

During the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714) and under the reign of Louis XIV, Marshal Boufflers distinguished himself in Lille in 1708 and the retirement of Ramillie Malplaquet in 1709 against the English of Malborough and the United Provinces of the Prince Eugene. His army camped in the woods of Hour. This is why the municipal road which links Houyet to Neuville through the Bois de Hour is called the Boufflers road.

Hour’s demographic peak took place in 1890. The village then had 845 residents.